O.P. Sheoran & Associates.

O.P. Sheoran & Associates offers clients and talent both the uncompromising commitment to excellent expected of a genuine and distinctive way of thinking and working and behaving as a passionately regional and genuinely collaborative firm. We seamlessly strive to provide quality services to our clients through the team of dedicated and qualify legal professionals in various fields.

The Main Thrust of our law firm is to encourage genuine Litigation and make efforts and render advice to solve the matters through consultations mediation and arbitration's. Clients should feel confident that their legal matters will be handled with utmost attention, skill and confidentiality. O.P. Sheoran & Associates mainly deals with the matters pertaining to court litigation relating to Constitutional matters, Criminal law, Corporate law, property and real estate law, aviation law, Civil laws. Arbitration Law, Debt Recovery Matters, Adoption, Child Custody, matrimonial law Dowry cases etc. We also deal and specialize in the law relating to Armed Forces including Para-military forces of the Union of India under the Armed Forces Tribunal Act 2007.

We also are leaders in talent management, with a focus on developing technical legal skills and sophisticated interpersonal skill, allowing us to deliver consistently everywhere we operate, world class service tailored to the preferences of our clients. We are frequently appreciated by our clients and the public for our quality legal services in Jaipur under the jurisdiction of Rajasthan High Court, Jaipur. We are having a team of advocates of Rajasthan High Court in jaipur. We are handling the matter with proper and effective presence in courts to give full satisfaction to our clients. Our team also having lawyer / advocate of supreme court in jaipur in case of appeal is required before supreme court for effective presence and  defence before supreme court at New Delhi.