Consideration for Petrol Pump to Soldier's Dependent


The writ petition was allowed for grant of petrol pump to dependent of Fighter Pilot of Indian Air Force who sacrificed his life for nation during operational flying.... 







S.B. Civil Writ Petition No.11528/2012


Smt. Madhuri Singh and Another Vs. Government of India and Others


Date of Order ::: 06.11.2012


Hon'ble Mr. Justice Mohammad Rafiq

Shri O.P. Sheoran, counsel for petitioner


By the Court:-

Grievance of petitioners is that case for allotment of retail outlet dealership of petrol pump to them on account of death of their son late FG Officer Abhimanyu Singh Chauhan, who died in MIG Crash while on patrolling sortie on Indo China Boarder on 14.11.2002.

Application of petitioners was sent to the Committee meant for allotment of retail outlet dealership under the discretionary quota at Mumbai. The committee has favourably recommended the case of the petitioners and as per recommendations made in favour of the petitioners, names of the petitioners are shown at Serial No.35 of the list enclosed with the letter dated 23.03.2004 addressed to the Director, Ministry of Petroleum, New Delhi, but so far no decision has been taken by the Ministry and the allotment of the petrol pump to the petitioners, who are the parents of the late Flying Officer Abhimanyu Singh Chauhan, has not been made.

It is really surprising that despite recommendations made by the committee, the Petroleum Ministry has not shown any sensitivity even in such matter of allotment of petrol pump to the parents of a martyr, who lost his life in the service of nation and has so far not passed any appropriate order. When their action is not informed or promptitude even in such matter, it defeats very purpose of allotment of petrol pump to the parents of the deceased airman, namely, late FG Officer Abhimanyu Singh Chauhan, who died in MIG Crash while on patrolling sortie on Indo China Boarder on 14.11.2002.

Having regard to the facts and circumstances and gravity of the case, it is not deemed appropriate to directly entertain the writ petition. Matter is left to the discretion of the respondents themselves with the hope that they would do needful to redress grievances of the petitioners, who lost their young son in a MIG crash.. The petitioners are therefore required to make a suitable representation with a copy of this order and necessary documents to the Secretary, Ministry of Petroleum, Government of India, New Delhi, who shall pass appropriate order on such representation for redressal of grievances of the petitioners regarding allotment of petrol pump within a period of two months from the date of receipt of such representation.

The writ petition is disposed of with the aforementioned observations and directions.

(Mohammad Rafiq) J.


Further the representation was forwarded to IOC/Ministry for consideration but the same was dismissed by IOC. Thereafter writ petition No. 14637/2013 titled as Smt. Madhuri Singh Vs GOI & Ors was filed against the IOC's order. The petition was allowed on 29.09.2014 and the Hon'ble High Court of Rajasthan passed an order for allotment of petrol pump to the dependent mother of Late Flying Officer Abhimanyu Singh Chauhan who sacrificed his life during operational flying in Indian Air Force near Bagdogra flying base on 14.11.2002.